Cheap vs. Expensive Furniture

Revamp Your Home on a Budget

It gets to a point where you just want to change the look and feel of your house and make it better. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should break the bank and go all out. You can easily do this on a budget and still get your desired results. You need to put into account the fact that you have to plan for everything and allocate enough money to each section. Also, determine what you can do for yourself and minimize the costs that come with hiring other people.

  1. Chic living rooms need not be expensiveDeclutter

The first thing you should do is declutter and get rid of everything that is of no use to you. This is the best first step in that you can do it for yourself and does not require any money. With decluttering, you have to be very mindful.

This is to avoid getting rid of everything then purchasing others and also avoid holding on to useless items. The best approach for this is Marie Kondo’s Konmari method that you can easily follow to ensure you only get rid of what is right.

The benefits of decluttering are endless in that you get to clear your mind and you can easily see what you have to work with within your house.

  1. Deep clean

Take your time to clean every corner in your house, all your appliances, and the carpets. Doing this will brighten up the house and make it feel cozier than it was before.

Cleanliness is very important, take the time to go through each room. The best way to do this is by dedicating a day for each room. Clean the room and everything else that may need cleaning while being thorough.

  1. Do your repairs

You need to go through everything and determine what needs replacement and what needs to be repaired. These could be your appliances, faucets or even door handle hardware. This is mainly because these slight changes can make a big difference in your overall aesthetics.

If any of the appliances need repairs then the best thing to do is consult professionals. will ensure that the appliances are in good condition and working at their peak. It is important to avoid fixing the appliances yourself to avoid further damage.

As for the door handles and faucets, these are things that you can easily replace by following the manuals provided. Moreover, there are dozens of videos on the internet that show the best way to do this yourself. This will minimize the extra costs.

  1. Make your space bright

It is important for you to allow light into your home. During the day you should draw your curtains and make sure you clean your windows to help allow the most light into your house. The light will bring in life and warm your house which makes it even more inviting. During the night, the best thing to do is use warm lampshades and avoid bright light. This is mainly because less white light ensures you get a good night’s sleep.

Painting the walls a bright color will also go a long way to making your space brighter. All you need to do is find a color that speaks to you and is bright enough to enhance the light getting into your home. The best thing about painting is that you can do it yourself which helps minimize the money spent. It can also be a good bonding time with whoever helps you with this project.

  1. Make your room look bigger

The simplest of adjustments can easily make your room appear bigger than it actually is. First, get curtains and curtain rods the hang them from the ceiling to the floor. It does not matter if your window is small or big. The fact is that getting curtains like this will make the room appear even bigger than usual.

Also, when using wall hangings, you need to use bigger hangings that are few around the room rather than using too many small hangings all over. Or better yet you could come up with a gallery wall. This wall will act as a statement wall and you can have hangings of different sizes and shapes included.

  1. Move or replace your furniture

Moving your furniture around will definitely give the room a different and better appearance. Just take time and map out how you’d like everything positioned. Since you have that in mind you can then go ahead to switching them up and figuring out what works for you.

You could also decide to sell the existing furniture and buy new furniture. Or better still refurbish your existing furniture by applying new paint or using new material on your couches. The best part about refurbishing is that you can do it yourself and only spend money to buy the supplies.

Cheap vs. Expensive FurnitureIf you decide to buy new furniture, go with multifunctional furniture. Something that you can use to store away the many toys and cords lying around. Something that can double as both a table and storage space. This will be the best way to ensure your house is free of clutter.

It is evident that revamping your house does not need too much money. All you need is proper planning and dedication to your project. This is because you will not be able to revamp your house in a day. Remember that each room will need its own day for everything to come together. Ensure that you keep on going and always keep in mind the end result, it will work as your motivator when times get hard.

Always remember that it is your personal space and whatever you decide to do with it is up to you. Make sure you make it a place that you are always eager to get back to once you are out and about. Take as much time as you need and make the best out of your renovation process.