How to Reduce Mosquitoes From Your Backyard?

Have you come across a moment in your yard where suddenly you have been bitten sharply by some insect ruining your lovely tea time in the evening? Most homeowners are sure to relate to such incidents when these pesky little bugs tend to fly around during the dusk and leave the itchy mosquito bites.

While you cannot eliminate all the insects from your garden area completely, there are surely some steps to minimize their population around the house.  If you want to enjoy your evenings without having to worry about the mosquitoes and other bugs, here your guide to help you prevent your backyard from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes should be kept away from your familyWhat Attracts Mosquitoes to Your Garden?

In order to reduce mosquitoes in your garden areas, you need to understand better the reason on what really attracts them in the first place. The mosquitoes are commonly attracted to food, flowers, and plants, emitted CO2, shady habitat and water. Some of the mosquitoes species can also fly up to 20 miles from their breeding place making it difficult to determine where do they come from.

Since you cannot eliminate them completely, there are various things you can do to lower down their numbers in and around your house. Here are some of the simple ideas to start with:

To begin with, try altering your time to sit outdoors as most of the bugs that bit usually come around early morning or evening and right into the night. The insects avoid heat and require cool temperature.  Make sure the windows and doors are screened well and are in good repair.

1. Cut Your Lawn Grass Regularly

The grass is another source that attracts mosquitoes to your garden area, especially if it is not maintained properly. The mosquitoes can easily rest in weeds and tall grass. If you haven’t finished cutting your lawn and other outdoorsy tasks, a professional landscaper can help. They help you maintain your garden to ensure that grass does not overgrow.

2. Clear Out Standing Water

If you have any standing water in your yard, it will attract mosquitoes. The reason being they lay their eggs in the water and even the smallest lot can breed ground for more number of bugs.

The most important thing that the homeowners can do to prevent mosquitoes is to destroy their breeding sites. Any area catching rainwater, running water should be cleared once or twice a week.

Items like birdbaths, kiddie pools should be thrown away if not in use. Keeping your pool is also very important as insects cannot stand the chemicals. You can also take an additional step by covering the pool for extra precaution.

3. Clean The Gutters

One of the vulnerable places that people forget to clear is rain gutters. The gutters that are in and around your house which has not been cleaned can not only hold water and create a breeding place for mosquitoes but also give them shelter to hide.

Homeowners should pay attention to these gutters to reduce the inflow of mosquitoes around your house. Every year before the mosquitoes season comes, make sure you clear the clogged gutter.

The best solution is to have them replaced or covered by professionals to avoid any cleaning hassles. There are also many handy tips for homeowners to clean out the gutters on their own if required.

4. Grow Bug-Repelling Plants

Are you aware of the herbs that help in keeping the mosquitoes away? It’s advisable to plant bug repelling herbs around water features and pool area. Here’s the list of plants known to deter mosquitoes:

  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Citronella
  • Basil
  • Catnip

5. Pick Up All You Litter

Schedule a litter patrol every week and make sure you throw away cups, bottles, wrappers, cans and other trash from your garden area. Anything that can hold water, even the tiny bit can become a breeding base for the mosquito nursery.

6. Treating Your Yard

To see the actual results in reducing insects in your garden, you will need to try pesticide treatment with the help of professional exterminators. Some homeowners avoid this option due to the use of chemicals as it can be concerning for your pets.

However, if you look for the best pest control company in New York, you can find professionals who will accommodate your requirements with the environment and pet-friendly options.

Your first step would be to contact professionals who will visit your house and analyze your yard on what all you will need. You might be really surprised to know that there are real treatments available for mosquito control such as larval control.
After the site survey, they will help you understand the contributing factors for the growing mosquito population and will design the treatment tailored specifically for your location.

The thing to consider when using pesticides is that you need to follow the green approach. Pesticides, if used in accordance with the label are considered to be safe regardless of their botanical or non-botanical nature.

Final Thoughts

Treating gutters, lawn and taking away all the potential options will be the most efficient steps but even then mosquitoes will fly in from far away. Of course, some repellents and misters can give you a little relief, but for a long-lasting effect, you would need to take care of everything from standing water, drainage, gutters to keeping your grass length well maintained regularly. Taking proper action on a regular basis will give you the yard where you can spend time without any health risks.

Get rid of all the mosquitoes swatting at night. With all the tips mentioned above, you can easily reduce the population of mosquitoes in your garden and steer clear of any bites, fever, and infections. After all, a clean house is a happy house.